Control Room
The control room is the central hub of the Anglesea Power Station. It is here that the full operations of the station are constantly monitored and controlled, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Over time, control and monitoring systems have improved along with the advance in technology. The current control system was installed in 1993, and it alarms and monitors the power station’s operations, whilst also storing operational history. More than ten years of one minute history is immediately available to the operators, if needed.
The system provides the controls for the boiler, turbine, coal conveyors as well as for other various related equipment. The system also incorporates a back up control to allow for maximum continuous operation, in the rare event of a problem.
The whole system monitors and controls over 3600 individual points throughout the station, including tank levels, temperatures, flows, motor stop/starts, pressures, emissions, valve control and operator actions.
Alcoa Anglesea Power Station was the first Australian power station to be fully computer controlled in this way.

Alcoa Anglesea Control Room

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Control room operators monitor the stations operations