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Wagerup Unit 3 project remains on hold
As part of Alcoa’s long-term plans to expand its Western Australian (WA) operations we obtained, in 2006, a five-year government approval for expansion of the Wagerup Alumina Refinery.

In 2008 Alcoa announced a deferral of this project due primarily to changes in global market conditions and limitations in securing competitively priced gas contracts.
While we have now secured approximately 75 per cent of our WA gas needs, global market conditions remain very challenging and consequently the project remains under suspension.

In 2011, we successfully applied for a five-year extension of the government approval to enable us to act if and when conditions change. This will expire in September 2016 and we will soon apply for a further five-year extension of the approval.

We continue to believe Wagerup Unit Three is a project that would deliver significant benefit to the local region and the State.

How aluminium is made

Alcoa mines bauxite in the Darling Range of WA. The bauxite ore is processed by mixing it with caustic soda, and pressure heated to extract alumina in the form of fine white powder. Alumina is shipped to aluminium smelters in Victoria and exported around the world. The alumina is smelted at very high temperatures when an electric current is passed through it to produce aluminium.
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