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Wagerup Unit 3 project remains on hold
Alcoa’s Wagerup Refinery (Wagerup Unit 3) expansion plans are currently on hold because of the challenging economic environment and the need to secure energy supplies.

Alan Cransberg, Alcoa of Australia Managing Director welcomed the EPA’s recommendation and the Minister's subsequent approval in May 2012 to extend the environmental approval for the Wagerup Unit 3 project because it continues to represent one of Alcoa’s best brown field opportunities globally to deliver value through an expansion.
The extension gives us the opportunity to continue evaluating construction costs and working to secure a long term energy solution.

How aluminium is made

Alcoa mines bauxite in the Darling Range of WA. The bauxite ore is processed by mixing it with caustic soda, and pressure heated to extract alumina in the form of fine white powder. Alumina is shipped to aluminium smelters in Victoria and exported around the world. The alumina is smelted at very high temperatures when an electric current is passed through it to produce aluminium.
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