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Our Partnership Portfolio
Alcoa is committed to the future development of the communities in which we operate.
We partner with a wide range of organisations at local, state and national level, which actively support the community and help Australians to achieve their goals. Our partnerships around the country are extensive and cover a broad spectrum of community objectives.

We support a range of programs under our Partnering Stronger Communities program, which fall under the following four key areas:

  • Sustainable Environment 
  • Community Health and Safety
  • Community Capacity and Resilience
  • Tomorrow's Workforce and Leaders
Some of our partners include:
  • Scitech (WA)
  • Greening Australia (National)
  • Sculpture by the Sea (WA)
  • Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (WA)
  • Fairbridge (WA)
  • Youth Focus (WA)
  • Give Where You Live (Victoria)
  • Alcoa Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine, Deakin University (Victoria)