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Museum of Western Australia - Frog Watch

Frog Watch Program

Alcoa and the Western Australian Museum developed an educational resource that teaches children about frogs and their precious ecosystems.

The Frog Watch Schools kit, comprising four big colourful books and a poster, was launched in June 2013 and sent to more than 800 schools in the south west of Western Australia.

WA Museum CEO Alec Coles said learning about frogs and the wetlands that support them was a great way to learn about the delicate balance of nature.

“These resources, developed by teachers for teachers, are designed to help foster an appreciation of the importance of protecting our world, developing an understanding of biodiversity and the need to maintain healthy environments,” Mr Coles said.

“Frog Watch has captured people’s fascination with frogs and the notion they are indicators of healthy habitats.”

The successful 15-year Frog Watch partnership between Alcoa and the Museum had resulted in the discovery of eight new frog species, revealed valuable data on species distribution and disseminated research through popular community programs and activities.

The program helps to educate a broad young audience on the importance of ecosystems and biodiversity, and the new Frog Watch Schools Kit is delivering information direct to WA classrooms.

Alcoa Managing Director Alan Cransberg said engaging children at this early age is critical to helping them understand the importance of creating a sustainable environment.

“Everyone has a role to play in caring for the environment and Frog Watch provides a great opportunity to inform young people about frog ecology, conservation and environmental threats in their local area,” Mr Cransberg said. 

The Frog Watch Schools Kit is designed for primary children from kindergarten to Year 6. For more information on the Frog Watch Schools program go to museum.wa.gov.au/frogwatch-schools  

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