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Becoming a Partner
Alcoa’s 'Partnering Stronger Communities' program was created in response to the needs of the communities in which we operate, and beyond. Based on our Values and stakeholder research, we focus our investment in five key areas.

We also support the volunteering efforts of our employees, as well as many other community programs, through the Alcoa Foundation. 
For more information contact:    
National Partnerships Manager Sarah Fordham (08) 9316 5538

In addition, we have hundreds of local partnerships supporting the communities directly around our operations.

For more information contact: 
  1. Location: Point Henry - Kate Betts (03) 5245 1406
    Funding source: Point Henry Partnership Budget
     Visit the Point Henry website for more information

  2. Location: Anglesea - Kate Betts (03) 5245 1406
    Funding source: Anglesea Partnership Budget
     Visit the Anglesea website for more information

  3. Location: Portland - Anna Impey (03) 5521 5463
    Funding source: Portland Aluminium Partnership Budget
     Visit the Portland Aluminium website for more information
New South Wales
  1. Location: Yennora, Alcoa Australia Rolled Products
    - Phone (02) 9681 9554
    Funding source: Yennora Partnership Budget
     Visit the Yennora website for more information
Western Australia
  1. Location: Pinjarra Refinery - Fiona Bell (08) 9531 6240
    Funding source: Pinjarra Refinery Partnership Budget - visit the Pinjarra Refinery website.

  2. Location: Kwinana Refinery - Susan Weary (08) 9410 3171 
    Funding source: Kwinana Partnership Budget - visit the  Kwinana Refinery webpage

  3. Location: Wagerup Refinery - Tom Busher (08) 9733 8768
    Funding source: Wagerup Partnership Budget - visit the Wagerup Refinery webpage

  4. Location: WA Mining Group (Huntly and Willowdale) - Beth Butler (08) 9530 2527
    Funding source: Mining Partnership Budget

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Alcoa of Australia.