As an Alcoa apprentice, your on-the-job training takes place within our operational sites as you gain experience in a variety of tasks.  You also receive help developing your personal workplace skills which broadens your career opportunities in the future.

Our Apprenticeship Program trains people to become qualified in a particular trade. The three and four-year programs involve up to 36 weeks off-the-job training. At completion, participants receive a nationally recognised trade certificate. 

Having strong links with local schools, we encourage applications from the local communities around our operations. 

Since Alcoa’s operations began in Australia in the 1960s, we have trained over 1600 tradespeople through our apprentice program. In today’s dollars this represents an investment in training totalling over $300 million, which directly contributes to building skills in local communities. 

Download an apprenticeship brochure
To find out more about Alcoa apprenticeships, download our Kick Start Your Career brochure.  For a WA brochure click here. For a Victorian brochure click here. 


Kick start your career with an Alcoa apprenticeship
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