Alcoa employees are actively engaged in volunteering projects within local Australian communities through the Alcoa Foundation's ACTION and Bravo! programs.
ACTION is a program that has been developed by the Alcoa Foundation to recognise the collective efforts of Alcoa employees in communities where they life and work.  The Foundation rewards initiatives where 10 or more Alcoa employees choose to volunteer their time working together on a special community project. Each Alcoa Foundation project not only receives 50 hours of labour, but a US$3,000 cheque to assist sustaining their services into the future.
Bravo! is also made available through the Alcoa Foundation and recognises Alcoa employees who already volunteer within community organisations.  Alcoa volunteers can nominate community organisations for a Bravo! grant every year if they have devoted 50 or more personal hours to the community organisation. The community organisation nominated for the Bravo! grant receives US$250.
Through employee engagement initiatives like ACTION and Bravo!, additional resources are made available to communities.  It also allows Alcoa employees to identify areas they feel need support, and it encourages them to lead others to help benefit the community.
In addition to supporting volunteering initiatives the Foundation also sponsors a wide range of community projects that fall into the Areas of Excellence with a focus on activities with proactive results, rather than reactive.
For more information on volunteering initiatives, please contact:

National Partnerships Manager
Sarah Fordham 
0404 800 110

Our volunteers

Our employees are committed to making a difference within their local communities through volunteer efforts and support from the Alcoa Foundation.