Australia's Aluminium Since 1963

Throughout 2003 Alcoa celebrated the 40th anniversary of a remarkable enterprise – one born of visionary leadership and nurtured by hope, optimism, innovation and hard work.
In 1963, the idea of an integrated aluminium industry in Australia, though ambitious, began to show fruit. Linking bauxite in Western Australia with coal in Victoria and building refineries in the West to ship alumina to smelters in the East was visionary.
Today, we enjoy the benefits of that vision, and we acknowledge the energy, integrity and determination to succeed of those who made it a reality – the talents and efforts of the thousands of people who created Alcoa of Australia Limited.
It is from Sir Lindesay Clark's vision, and the alliance he initiated with the Aluminium Company of America, that Alcoa today delivers Australia's aluminium to the world.
During 40 years of production in Australia we have grown from being simply pioneers of a new industry, to becoming one of the world’s largest alumina producers, a major producer of aluminium and a significant contributor to the wealth and well-being of the nation, our people and the communities where we operate.
The visionary thinking that founded the company continues to guide our aspirations for the future. There are still challenges to be met – new technologies to develop, new products to create, new and better ways of building stronger communities and protecting the environment.
Our vision moves us to invest the resources and effort required to build a better, more sustainable future.
Aluminium is the metal of the 21st century, a vital material for so many industries, part of our everyday lives worldwide, and Alcoa stands at the forefront of global aluminium technology and production.

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Over 200 guests celebrated Alcoa's 40th anniversary in WA

Western Australian celebrations

To celebrate 40 years as part of the Western Australian community, Alcoa hosted past and present Alcoa representatives, Government and  community partners at Kings Park function centre in Perth.

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Alcoa 40 year employees celebrate Alcoa's anniversary in Victoria

Alcoa's Victorian operations

Celebrating 40 years as part of the Victorian community, Alcoa's Point Henry Smelter held a celebration for its community partners in Geelong.