2009 Case Study: Mining Employees band together in Rehabilitation

In a ‘hands-on’ team effort, Mining employees spent a day at Willowdale planting zamia nuts by hand as part of Alcoa’s rehabilitation process.

Covering an impressive 90 hectares of rehabilitation in just one day, our people from both Huntly and Willowdale got their hands and knees dirty hand-seeding over 60,000 nuts.

The zamia nut seeds are one of the few seeds used in rehabilitation that can’t be planted using an air-seeder. For most other seeds, the air-seeder is mounted onto the contour ripping dozer and not only replaces the strenuous work of hand-seeding, but also means seed is put directly onto freshly ‘ripped’ ground.

Normally, we contract out the activity of zamia nut seeding which costs around $25,000. This is money Mining was able to save in 2009.