Country City Products Name
Canada  Georgetown, Ontario Aluminum and Copper-based Structural Castings
  Laval, Québec Aluminum Investment Castings for Defense, Aerospace, and Commercial Industries
China  Nantong Aerospace Components
Nantong Operations 
France  Dives Castings for Aerospace, Military, and Commercial Applications
Dives Operations 
  Evron Aluminum Investment Castings for Commercial and Defense Aerospace Applications
Evron Operations 
  Gennevilliers Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Casting
Gennevilliers Operations 
Germany  Bestwig Aerospace Components
Bestwig Operations 
  Erwitte Aerospace Components
Erwitte Operations 
Hungary  Székesfehérvár Aerospace Investment Castings for Aerospace Applications, Castings/Forgings, Flat Rolled Products, Sheet/Plate, Wheels
Arconic Hungary - Székesfehérvár Operations 
Mexico  Acuna Core Preparation, Wax Support and Metal Finishing
Acuña Operations 
United Kingdom  Exeter Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Components, Aerospace Components, Castings/Forgings
Exeter Operations 
United States  Branford, CT Thermal Coatings for Aerospace and Power Generation Industries
Branford Operations 
  Cleveland, OH Design/Manufacture of Investment Casting Equipment
Cleveland Power and Propulsion Operations 
  Dover, NJ Investment Casting and Alloy Production
Dover Operations 
  Hampton, VA Castings for Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Applications
Hampton Operations 
  LaPorte, IN Castings for Aerospace and Investment Gas Turbine Applications
LaPorte Operations 
  Morristown, TN Complex Ceramic Core Production
Morristown Operations 
  Whitehall, MI Business Unit Headquarters
Whitehall Operations 
  Whitehall, MI Aerospace Components, Castings/Alloy/Coatings/Research
Whitehall Operations 
  Wichita Falls, TX Aerospace Components, Investment Casting
Wichita Falls Operations 
  Winsted, CT Precision Machining Center for Airfoils
Winsted Operations