Country City Products Name
Canada  Georgetown, Ontario Aluminum and Copper-based Structural Castings
Alcoa Cast Products (Howmet)/Moulages aéronautiques Alcoa (Howmet) 
  Laval, Québec Aluminum Investment Castings for Defense, Aerospace, and Commercial Industries
Alcoa Cast Products (Howmet)/Moulages aéronautiques Alcoa (Howmet) 
France  Dives Castings for Aerospace, Military, and Commercial Applications
Alcoa Howmet - Dives 
  Evron Aluminum Investment Castings for Commercial and Defense Aerospace Applications
Alcoa Howmet - Evron, France 
  Gennevilliers Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Casting
Alcoa Howmet - Gennevilliers 
  Rueil-Malmaison Alcoa EPS Headquarters
Alcoa Engineered Products and Solutions - European HQ - Rueil-Malmaison, France 
Hungary  Székesfehérvár Aerospace Investment Castings for Aerospace Applications, Castings/Forgings, Flat Rolled Products, Sheet/Plate, Wheels
Alcoa Hungary - Székesfehérvár 
Japan  Nomi Aerospace Components, Castings/Forgings
Alcoa Howmet - Nomi 
Mexico  Acuna Core Preparation, Wax Support and Metal Finishing
Howmet de Mexico 
United Kingdom  Exeter Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Components, Aerospace Components, Castings/Forgings
Alcoa Power & Propulsion (Alcoa Howmet) - Exeter 
United States  Branford, CT Thermal Coatings for Aerospace and Power Generation Industries
Alcoa Howmet - Branford, CT 
  Cleveland, OH Design/Manufacture of Investment Casting Equipment
Alcoa Howmet, Tempcraft - Cleveland, OH 
  Cleveland, OH Business Unit Headquarters
Alcoa Power and Propulsion - Cleveland, OH 
  Dover, NJ Investment Casting and Alloy Production
Alcoa Howmet - Dover, NJ 
  Hampton, VA Castings for Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Applications
Alcoa Howmet - Hampton, VA 
  LaPorte, IN Castings for Aerospace and Investment Gas Turbine Applications
Alcoa Howmet - LaPorte, IN 
  Morristown, TN Complex Ceramic Core Production
Alcoa Howmet - Morristown, TN 
  Whitehall, MI Aerospace Components, Castings/Alloy/Coatings/Research
Alcoa Howmet - Whitehall, MI 
  Wichita Falls, TX Aerospace Components, Investment Casting
Alcoa Howmet - Wichita Falls, TX 
  Winsted, CT Precision Machining Center for Airfoils
Alcoa Howmet - Winsted, CT