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Alcoa World Alumina

ACA is part of the world's largest network of alumina production facilities, Alcoa World Alumina. Find out more at Alcoa's global alumina web site.

AWAM Global Home


Alcoa World Alumina Minerals is the world's leading global source of aluminas for the chemicals industry. AWAM draws on a network of four global alumina refineries, located in Australia, Brazil, USA and Spain, to produce commodity-grade product to meet the needs of manufacturers worldwide.

AWAM serves customers in South America through Alcoa's alumina refinery in Poços de Caldas, Brazil. This ISO 14001 facility supports up to 300,000 tons per year of alumina production. It began production of hydrated aluminas and hard-burned calcined aluminas in 1985. Poços is an integrated facility that includes a 90,000 mtpy smelter, the refinery, and the world's second largest aluminum powder production facility. Its strategic location and the Alcoa global network make it the ideal source for industrial minerals for customers in South America.