Aluminum Fluoride

Product Information
Alcoa® Aluminum fluoride (anhydrous) is an off-white, free-flowing granular material, insoluble in most organic and inorganic liquids at room temperatures. It is soluble in many fused salts. At ambient temperatures, it is chemically inactive. It is readily fluidized and can be transferred easily by pneumatic transport systems. Its crystalline structure is similar to that of alumina. At Alcoa's Point Comfort Operations, it is produced from a reaction between alumina trihydrate and hydrogen fluoride gas.

Aluminum fluoride is considered a non toxic chemical unless heated to above 932ºF (500ºC) in the presence of moisture, at which time a pyrohydrolysis occurs with the evolution of hydrogen fluoride vapor, a respiratory irritant. For more details, refer to Alcoa Safety Data Sheet No. 148.

Product Applications
Aluminum fluoride is used by aluminum producers to lower the melting point of electrolytes in the smelting process and increase production efficiency.

It is also used as a flux ingredient for the removal of magnesium in the refining of aluminum scrap. When magnesium-bearing aluminum alloys are melted, fluoride reacts with the magnesium and permits removal of this element. This enables remelters to produce aluminum alloys substantially free of magnesium.

The ceramic industry uses aluminum fluoride for some body and glaze mixtures and in the production of specialty refractory products. Aluminum fluoride is used in the manufacture of aluminum silicates and in the glass industry as a filler.

Product Applications
Bulk shipments available in railcar, barge or ship. Standard packaged product available in 50 and 100 pound bags, 25 kg bags, and super sacks.

Physical Properties
Melting Point 2300ºF (1260ºC)
Specific Gravity 2.88
Loose Bulk Density 84 - 94 lb/ft3
(1346 - 1506 kg/m3)
Solubility in H2O Slightly soluble
(0.56 g/100 ml)

Typical Properties of Point Comfort Aluminum Fluoride
Chemical Analysis, wt% Typical Range(1) Shipping Limits
SiO2 0.15 - 0.35 0.400 max
Fe2O3 0.005 - 0.015 0.020 max
Na2O 0.16 - 0.22 0.25 max
AlF3 90.00 - 94.00 90.00 min
Free Al2O3 4.00 - 8.00 10.00 max
Al2(SO4)3 0.4 - 0.7 0.8 max
P2O5 0.005 - 0.015 0.030 max
LOI (0 - 480ºC) 0.15 - 0.80 1.20 max
Particle Size Analysis (cumulative)
% on 100 mesh 1 - 15 -
% on 200 mesh 70 - 95 -
% on 325 mesh 95 - 100 -
(1) Approximately 2 Standard Deviations from Average.
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