Aluminum Hydroxide (tri-hydrated alumina, Hydrate)

An inorganic product of synthetic origin, with high purity and high physical-chemical consistency. It has a chemical formula Al (OH)3, and is considered as an amphoteric substance due to its capacity to react both with acids and with bases, such as sulphuric acid and caustic soda. It decomposes - with high heat absorption - when submitted to temperatures higher than 230-Celsius degrees.

Its main applications are as follows:
  • Source of aluminum for the chemical industry such as: Aluminum Sulphate, Sodium Aluminate, Aluminum Fluoride, Aluminum Polychlride, Catalysts, Zeolytes etc.
  • Source of aluminum for the glass industry, such as packaging, bottles, optical glass, flat glass, optical fiber etc.
  • Flame retardant, smoke suppressor, and trailing inhibitor for the polymer industry, especially fiberglass-reinforced plastic, synthetic marble, electrical wires and cables, electric insulators, etc.
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