Point Comfort Opeations at a Glance
Near Point Comfort, Texas, about 35 miles southeast of Victoria, Texas

2.3 million metric tonnes of alumina per year

600 employees, who reside in more than a dozen South Texas counties

Plant operations:
Alumina and alumina chemicals processing areas, ship unloading and barge loading operations

1948 Grading and excavation begin for Point Comfort Works, built by Aluminum Company of America as an aluminum production facility
1949 First company housing developments built (Lynnhaven - Port Lavaca and Point Comfort Village)
1950 First metal produced (June 25, 1950 - formal opening ceremony)
1959 First alumina produced
1962 Aluminum fluoride plant begins production
1965 Opening of Matagorda Ship Channel Prior to September, 1965 bauxite had been transported by barge from the company’s Port Aransas, Texas loading facilities
1980 (November) Last production month for aluminum smelter
1984 Alumina refinery expanded to six digester units
1997 Completion of $70 million alumina refinery expansion, raising the plant’s alumina production capacity by 20%
2001 Production cutbacks implemented due to reduced demand for alumina
2002 Alcoa Alumina & Chemicals LLC at Point Comfort Operations certified to ISO 14001 standard
2003 After several years of reduced production, Point Comfort Operations’ alumina refinery returned to full capacity. The move was in response to increased demand for alumina. Production levels at Point Comfort will continue to be evaluated in light of future marketplace conditions.