Aluminum Oxide (alumina, calcinated alumina)

By means of a controlled process of calcination of aluminum hydroxide, we obtain a diversified line of calcinated aluminas that are used in various industries. The chemical formula is Al2 03. It presents high chemical inertia, being considered a refractory oxide due to its capacity to resist high thermal demands with no relevant changes in its chemical nature.

  • The refractories and ceramic fibers industry
  • The glass, enamel, fiber, and ceramic coating industry
  • Raw material for the production of alumina, mullite and electrocast spinels
  • Abrasive and polishing industry (polishing alumina).

All of the products are supplied in the form of grains whose sizes vary from some centimeters up to a small number of micrometers. Under the ASRM ranking for meshes, grades from 3/8" up to a 1000 mesh.
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KA01 Alumina
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KA13 Alumina
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KA25 Alumina
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