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What is Bauxite Residue? 

Bauxite residue is a by-product in the production of alumina.  It is stored in special facilities that must meet local, regional and federal standards. 
What is bauxite residue or “red mud”?
Bauxite consists of alumina containing minerals as well as other minerals such as iron and silica. The refining process separates the alumina from the bauxite.  The resulting residue is high in alkalinity. 
Is bauxite residue hazardous?
The classification of a material being labeled “hazardous” is handled on a country or regional basis.  For example, in Europe, bauxite residue is considered a non hazardous mining waste according to the European Waste Catalogue and Hazardous Waste List.


Stable deposit of dried bauxite residue.


Dry stacking enhanced by ploughing.


Rehabilitation of residue deposit at Sao Luis (Brazil) – has been re-vegetated to  demonstrate self sustaining, low maintenance native vegetation.


Bricks produced from 50% Red Mud and 30% Rice Hush Ash (RHA).