OSHA Compliance/Safety Training


Get the training and instructional material you need to comply with OSHA regulations and established safe service procedures for wheel/tire mounting and demounting.


Safety Motivational Program
Developed for service shop managers, this program helps dramatize why safety matters, provides how-to instructions for wheel service and offers additional resources for information and materials. Components include motivational video Safety: Everybody's Job, the Alcoa Heavy Duty Wheel Service Manual and VHS companion video Safe wheels and tire changing practices for heavy duty trucks and buses.
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Safe Wheels and Tire Changing Practices for Heavy Duty Trucks and Buses
The VHS video companion to the Alcoa wheel service manual, the program explains wheel service, including mounting and demounting of ball seat and hub pilot mount wheels.
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Simple Facts About Hub Piloted Wheel System Maintenance
VHS video. The simple truth is that hub piloted mount systems use less hardware, so wheel installation is easier. This instructional video focuses on service, maintenance and technical tips for the hub piloted mount wheel system.
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19.5-inch RW Wheel Mount/Demount Wall Chart
Wall chart. Photographically illustrated chart provides instructions for mounting and demounting 19.5-inch steel and aluminum wheels.
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