The Yadkin division of APGI ("Yadkin") owns and operates four hydroelectric plants near Badin, North Carolina. Yadkin also owns and operates a number of 13.8kV and 100 kV transmission lines. These transmission lines primarily connect Yadkin's generating facilities to the Alcoa Badin Works smelting plant.

The transmission assets that connect the four Yadkin hydroelectric plants to the Badin, NC smelter were originally installed as feeder lines that supplied self-generated hydroelectric power directly to Alcoa's industrial load. For quite some time the Alcoa - Yadkin system was operated for that purpose with minimal interconnection to a larger transmission network. Eventually, as the regional transmission network grew and became more robust, the Alcoa - Yadkin transmission lines were electrically connected on both ends to the Duke Energy transmission system to improve operational reliability and flexibility.

Of the total Yadkin transmission system, over fifteen (15.77) miles, in the same transmission path, are now considered to be part of the interconnected transmission grid system. There is an interconnection to Duke Energy and Progress Energy at the Badin substation, and again with the Duke system at the High Rock substation. The Yadkin transmission path is a single conductor 100kV line that provides a limited transfer capability over and above the requirements of the Badin smelter. The Yadkin path also exists in parallel with network transmission paths provided by the Duke Energy System.

Further information is available on Yadkin's posted paths, available transmission capacity, rates, and procedures on requesting service.

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