The Long Sault division of APGI ("Long Sault") owns and operates five 115KV transmission lines in northern New York state that connect the Alcoa Massena Operations with its electric energy suppliers. The lines were originally constructed as feeder lines between the New York Power Authority (NYPA) St. Lawrence - FDR hydroelectric power project, hydroelectric generation in the Province of Quebec, CA and the Alcoa manufacturing facility in Massena, NY. As the regional transmission system grew and NYPA and neighboring utilities became more interconnected these lines became part of that interconnected system.

Three of the lines connect the Alcoa Massena Operations with NYPA at the Barnhart Island substation. Each of the lines is approximately 7 miles in length. The town of Massena, New York is connected to two of the three lines at the Massena Substation and has a long-term contract for transmission services. The load value based on Alcoa smelting load and Massena ranges from 180 MW to 260 MW.

Two of the lines, known as the Cedars Lines, approximately 7 miles long, connect the Hydro Quebec System with New York at the National Grid Dennison Substation in Massena. Cedars Rapids Transmission Company (CRT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro Quebec, has leased the entire capacity of the Cedars path. Long Sault Operations in turn pays a fee to CRT to operate the Cedars path and provide the appropriate open access information on the CRT OASIS.

The rates for Long Sault transmission service under its open access transmission tariff ("OATT") are set forth in schedules to the Long Sault OATT. To date, there have been no requests for transmission service pursuant to Long Sault's OATT. Click here for additional information on NYPA transmission, or click here for additional information on Cedar Rapids Transmission.

Alcoa Long Sault TariffDownload the tariff in pdf format