"New Queen of the Skies"

Singapore Airlines inaugurates commercial A380 service; lots of Alcoa technology on board.

A380 service takes off with room, romance and the latest in Alcoa Technology.

When Singapore Airlines Flight SQ380 takes off from Changi International Airport bound for Sydney on October 25, 2007, air travel will have turned a page in history. And, as with nearly every new chapter in aviation history, Alcoa technology will be there.

Alcoa Firsts on the A380

In order for the A380 to raise the bar in size, economy and comfort; Alcoa had to work closely with Airbus to break new ground in metallurgy and metallic structural design. For nearly a decade, Alcoa scientists, engineers and production planners have been working to fill the pipeline with metallic solutions that do things that have never been done before. Here are a few examples:

Aviation history is Alcoa history

From the sands of Kitty Hawk to the Sea of Tranquility and beyond, Alcoa solutions have helped shape every major advance in aviation. Our metal went into the crankcase of the Wright Brothers' Flyer and into the propeller that pulled Lindbergh across the Atlantic. Our innovations in materials, engineering and design have helped usher in commercial aviation, break the sound barrier and make space travel a routine commute.

New! The Complete A380 Video

New! The Complete A380 Video

View the all-singing, all-dancing version of this amazing event.

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