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Aluminum LGP® Lockbolt

Huck's lightweight, aluminum lockbolt fastener is a high strength, close tolerance, aerospace fastener for installations in structures designed for aluminum fasteners. In addition to the high performance characteristics, the LGP® fastener can be installed in interference fit applications without the high noise level associated with the installation of solid rivets. Airbus Industries has approved the use of Aluminum LGP® fasteners where noise is an issue. Interference installations can be accomplished with Huck pull-in installation tools into holes prepared for interference. The Aluminum LGP® lockbolt has a .0005" close tolerance shank and a lead-in radius to aid the installation into interference.
Typical applications of the Aluminum LGP Lockbolt would be to replace solid rivets where noise reduction is desired.
The performance of the Aluminum  LGP® lockbolt is equal or superior to solid rivets of the same material and provides a higher retained clamp load.
The Aluminum LGP® lockbolt is part of a family of Lightweight Lockbolt Fasteners that are available in Titanium, A-286 CRES and Alloy Steel for high strength applications. The design features of the LGP® family have been available for over 15 years and the fasteners are used in aerospace applications worldwide. Aluminum LGP® lockbolt installations are pure simplicity using simple, durable HUCK® installation tools. Installation is accomplished without rotary motion, resulting in a secure, permanent and highly vibration resistant installation. The unique design of the LGP® assures predictable consistent performance.
High Tensile and Clamp
The LGP® fastener design features a tapered root diameter and variable pitch locking grooves. A larger volume of collar material flows into the first locking grooves at the beginning of the installation sequence to create a lock between the pin and collar. As the swaging action continues, clamp force is developed.

The 60º included angle of the locking grooves has a 20º pressure flank to serve as a platform for retaining the high clamp load that develops during the collar swaging.

Installs on Sloped Surfaces
The Aluminum LGP® lockbolt fastener can be consistently installed on collar side sloped surfaces up to 5º without loss of performance characteristics.

Extended Grip Range
The LGP® lockbolt fastener's usable 3/32" grip range reduces inventory and installer errors that are common when using 1/16" grip range fasteners. The extended range makes the LGP® lockbolt more forgiving if the installer needs to use a fastener just over or just under the recommended grip.
The labor intensive job of over-coating each fastener or the use of costly sealing nuts or washers are eliminated with LGP® lockbolt fasteners. Annular lock grooves on the pin form a series of separate barriers to prevent fuel seepage. Fay surface sealant flow is accomplished through the high clamp force generated during collar swaging.

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