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7055-T74511/T76511 Extrusions

Arconic has developed 7055 extrusions in two new tempers, T74511 and T76511 in order to achieve a combination of high strength and improved corrosion resistance (exfoliation corrosion rating of EB or better). These two new tempers were developed with the end user in mind i.e., the tempers are “user friendly” allowing for subcontractors and end users to perform forming, solution heat treatment and final aging. The need for new alloys to replace antiquated alloys, specifically 7075-T6511 and 7178-T6511, is clear and present. The cost of managing the aging U.S. Military fleet has soared with time, and this problem is exacerbated by the continued use of incumbent materials due to their susceptibility to corrosion damage and poor damage tolerance. With the development of the user-friendly alloy and tempers, Arconic now offers materials for retrofit and replacement applications within the U.S. Military’s aging aircraft fleet. The new generation of high-strength Arconic alloys will extend service life and reduce costs with their improved properties.
Alloy 7055 extrusions are currently available in thicknesses from 0.050 in. to 3.00 inches for both the T74511 and T76511 tempers.

Alloy 7055-T74511 and T76511 tempers are targeted for the replacement of 7075-T6511 and 7178-T6511 alloy tempers, respectively, as well as other applications that require high tensile and compressive strengths and need excellent exfoliation corrosion and SCC resistance, such as upper wing structures, keel beams and longerons. Other applications include seat tracks, cargo tracks, fuselage frames and fuselage stringers.

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