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Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings has built its reputation through a commitment to provide ingenious solutions to complex fastening requirements. Its renowned line of quick and easy access products, available in both unified and metric sizes, includes what have become industry standards.

FC43® – Structural Panel Fastener
The FC43® is the latest structural panel fastener from Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings. This part has an advanced solid stud design offering superior Shear and Tensile strength while offering innovative features over existing designs.
· Self Retaining/Self Captivated
· Has “Hold-Out” capability in all positions
· Increased Tensile and Shear values
· Fewer components resulting in reduced inventory
· Simplified installation (reduced total installed cost)
· Weight savings potential due to greater strength-to-size ratio.

Ultimate reliability in high-performance aircraft is achieved with the Mark IV™ structural panel fastener. Quick operation is assured through multiple lead threads and exceptionally high reusability is achieved with the Flat Beam™ locking feature that provides a 1,500 seated life cycle.

High strength, quick operation, an encapsulated receptacle and an exceptionally high life cycle make LiveLock™ structural panel fasteners the optimal choice for high performance aircraft and electronic applications. The spring loaded ratchet design ensures positive locking action and vibration resistance without relying on prevailing torque. Additionally, the LiveLock™ panel fastener’s multiple lead thread permits rapid installation and removal.

Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings’ range of 1/4-Turn fasteners offers secure locking and quick unlocking with a simple 90° rotation of the stud, allowing for convenient and reliable servicing within high-reuse environments. These fastening systems provide excellent resistance to loosening from vibration and unlike threaded fasteners, 1/4-Turn fasteners do not rely on the elasticity of the joint and fastener materials for preload.

Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings supplies a wide variety of captive screws for any type of application where it is important that the attachment screw for a panel stays with that panel. Numerous head styles, recesses, sizes, configurations, and materials offer options that fulfill the requirements of any captive screw application. Fully-retracting captive screws automatically retract flush with the panel when released from mating threads, which allows equipment to be removed or installed without the possibility of jamming or damage.

Turn-Loc® captive screws are especially suited for front panel applications where easy fingertip operation is needed. The stainless or anodized aluminum finish, and the knurled knob, make this the perfect choice for good panel design and ease of access. They are available as fully or partially retracting versions in fixed or floating installations. Turn-Loc® fasteners are also available in low and high profile assemblies.

Combining structural soundness and accessibility, Milson® structural panel fasteners are in use on many aerospace applications. The Milson® system is one of the only structural panel fasteners that feature variable length sleevebolts and receptacles, allowing single “dash number” sleevebolts or receptacles to be used on a given structure.
The TriMil™ fastening system eliminates problems associated with the selflocking or prevailing torque feature of other similar fasteners. In addition, its positively-locked retaining ring secures the sleevebolt to the cover when it is opened, eliminating the potential for FOD and ensuring reliable operation. Consequently, TriMil™ fasteners help avoid maintenance problems and aircraft safety concerns.

The Camloc SPF (Structural Panel Fasteners), are used on stressed panels and provide structural supportive joints with high cycle life. Vibration resistant and have multiple lead threads for quick operation. Part series consist of 4F, 80F and 17F series.

The QR™ fastening system is lightweight, has a small envelope, and is quick operating. Most versions lock and unlock in two turns.

Grommets and hole-liners are used in non-metallic and soft or thin metallic structures. The precision thin-wall sleeves are flared, bonded or riveted to the structure and protect the parent material from damage due to fastener reuse and hole misalignment.

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