Air Cargo Kings: Nordisk Aviation Products and Alcoa Belaya Kalitva

You've seen them on the runway when you're boarding a flight: gray aluminum boxes and pallets being hauled around by trams and lifts and stuffed into the bellies of waiting planes. They may not look glamorous, but from these air cargo containers come the overnight miracles of today's global economy: fresh flowers in winter; live lobsters in the supermarket; electronic gadgets delivered to you anywhere, any time you want.

Nordisk Aviation Products, the leader in this unassuming but vital industry, prides itself on building air cargo containers and pallets that are light, strong and recyclable. That's why they build the majority of them out of aluminum.

Nordisk makes more than 30,000 containers and pallets a year for nearly every player in the air cargo industry, operating out of facilities in Norway, China and the US. They've risen to the top of the industry through superior products, competitive marketing and global service. And for tempered aluminum sheet, Nordisk has counted on a long-standing partnership with Alcoa's Belaya Kalitva (BK) operation in central Russia.

"In terms of product portfolio, quality, price, and delivery performance, Alcoa BK is a unique fit as a partner with Nordisk," says Alcoan Agnes Gallai, who manages the relationship with Nordisk out of Alcoa's Kofem center in Hungary. "The competitive pricing and reliable delivery, the tight cooperation through many years, have helped Nordisk to meet their sales goals through the rapidly growing air cargo market of recent years."

Belaya Kalitva is one of two huge, high-output fabrication facilities Alcoa acquired from Russian owners in 2005. BK offers world-class fabrication for aerospace coils and plates as well as profiles, panels, tubes and forgings. Since acquisition, Alcoa has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to modernize BK and its sister plant in Samara and integrate them fully into Alcoa's global business system.

“Nordisk has been a customer of Alcoa for many years, confirming the positive nature of our cooperation in achieving our long term goals, “says Nils Martin Teien, General Manager of Nordisk Aviation Products a.s.