Our Company. Alcoa. Advancing each generation... through Innovation, Multi-Materials, and Scale


Alcoa’s innovation leadership is built on more than a century of technological advances in aerospace.


Alcoa has developed almost every aluminum aerospace alloy, and every major new aircraft program incorporates Alcoa’s product innovations.


We collaborate with our customers on new designs and extend that partnership through the manufacturing, operations, maintenance and end-of-life phases.


Alcoa has dedicated Centers of Excellence at three primary Research & Development facilities: Alcoa Fastening Systems Technical Center in Carson, CA; Alcoa Power and Propulsion Research Center in Whitehall, MI; and the Alcoa Technical Center near Pittsburgh, PA.


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Alcoa’s metals science expertise enables breakthrough solutions that no other company can deliver.


On both metallic and carbon fiber aircraft, we make parts from advanced superalloys for the engine’s hot section, lightweight titanium and aluminum structural components and a variety of multi-material fasteners that hold the aircraft together.


Alcoa applies its metallurgical and materials expertise to Additive Manufacturing and 3-D printing techniques to make parts that reduce design time and enhance final properties.  Using multiple AM technical approaches, Alcoa develops optimum solutions for engines, structures and systems that will set new performance and customer-value standards.


Alcoa operates 68 aerospace locations in 12 countries, enabling us to meet the demands of an increasingly globalized industry.  Recent acquisitions of Firth Rixson and TITAL significantly expand our portfolio, footprint and reach.


We’re not only big worldwide, Alcoa makes some of the largest and smallest aircraft components in the world such as bulkheads for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the massive inner rear spar for the Airbus A380 and the Flite-Tite lightening managing fastener system.


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