Infinitely Recyclable


Benefits When You Recycle It 


The world’s air transport industry is increasingly committed to the environmentally-responsible manufacture and use of airliners. 


The focus on improving buy-to-fly ratios, recapture/reuse of machined materials during an aircraft’s production phase, and increasing fuel efficiency has both environmental and financial benefits for the industry. 


This commitment also extends to the disposal of airliners that reach the end of their useful operating lifetimes.  As a result, recycling has become a major consideration for both the world’s airframe manufacturers and airline operators.


Because aluminum is infinitely recyclable, approximately 75 percent of the metal ever produced since 1888 is still in use today.  Additionally, the recycling of aluminum uses 95 percent less energy than when it is first made, preserving precious energy resources.


These factors make aluminum one of the world’s most sustainable materials, which facilitate the air transport sector’s goals of enhancing the recyclability of its end-of-life aircraft.


As a world leader in aluminum, Alcoa is constantly focused on better understanding and improving the sustainability of its products.  The company has developed a multi-layered structure to integrate its sustainability approach into Alcoa’s core business strategy, which includes the 2010 creation of  the Chief Sustainability Officer position – with responsibility for developing a comprehensive strategy that brings together all of the company’s sustainability efforts.