Benefits When You Build It 


Alcoa’s new aluminum solutions offer key advantages for the manufacturers of next-generation single-aisle jetliners that range from lower development and production risks and efficient supply chain management to the effective utilization of existing manufacturing infrastructure and flexibility in implementing ramp-up rates.


Industry experience with today’s more composite-intensive aircraft has demonstrated that supply chain issues can be critical in establishing the manufacturing infrastructure for new jetliners – and they will play a particularly important role for aircraft whose production build rates can reach 40 or more per month.


While offering the weight savings and structural performance advantages of composites, Alcoa’s advanced structural technologies now available ensure the availability of a full supply chain that has delivered on its promises to manufacturers since the dawn of the airline industry – and which is fully compatible with the company’s newest generation of aluminum alloys.


Also contributing to lower production risk is Alcoa’s approach of working closely with airframe manufacturers through integrated product teams, which offer the company’s unmatched aluminum expertise and the technical support of its metallurgists and engineers specialized in design, materials, structures and processes.  This is backed by the full resources of its technical team, which spans the company’s production facilities and the Alcoa Technical Center – the world’s largest light metals research facility.


Alcoa’s extensive production capabilities in advanced aluminum and aluminum-lithium alloys are made available to aircraft manufacturers using unique production capabilities ranging from rolling mills that produce the widest and longest wingskin plate and fuselage sheet in the world to extrusion plants offering the latest alloys for new aircraft applications and the largest forging press in existence today.