Boeing and Alcoa

Boeing’s 777® airliner features wing panels produced with Alcoa’s 2624-T39 aluminum alloy.

Using this alloy in its first production application, Boeing® maximizes the 777-300ER’s performance as a result of Alcoa’s extensive metallics experience. The 2624-T39 alloy provides important weight savings, which translate into increased range for the long-haul Boeing airliner.

The 777-300ER wing uses four large underwing panels manufactured with this Alcoa alloy. The alloy’s strength, combined with heat-treatment and stretching used in the production process, enables the panels to be thinner while still providing the support needed for the aircraft’s massive wing structure.

With a maximum range of 7,705 nautical miles, the 777-300ER can fly nonstop between such destinations as New York-Tokyo, Johannesburg-London, and Frankfurt-Singapore.